North Herts Knights Basketball Club were established about fifteen years ago where fifteen or so friends got together from Stevenage, Hitchin and Letchworth and started to play and train at the Knights Templar Sports Centre in Bladock.

The sessions got to be a regular occurance until such time as Steve Darlow got involved. He stepped in and suggested that it was opened up to younger players as well. This idea was agreed with and so the Club continued to grow.

The older players made up the back bone of the Club whilst the younger players got themselves established. Regular sessions were put together along with the structure that has continued to this day.

Terry Fryer introduced himself to the Knights as an English Basketball Level two coach and assisted Steve.

The numbers increased to the point of having two younger age groups of Under 11's and Under 14's, these were linked in with the under 16's / 18's as they were and Thursday's became routine.

Jason Nicholson stepped in a took hold of the older team and pushed them forwards eventually winning their respective League and Cup in the same season.

Simon and Wendy Tierney decided to assist with the organisation side of the Club by way of becoming Chairperson and Treasurer respectively. With them on board a Committee was set up to ensure that Procedures and Policies were in place to look after the Club, the Players and Officials.

After a lot of hard work, The Knights were awarded a Three Star Acredited status followed a short time later with the Club Mark standard. On being award these the Knights were only the second Club in the County to have achieved this status.

In 2006, North Herts Knights Basketball Club applied for and got a grant from the Awards For All fund to the sum of £8917. This money was put to good use by way of providing Coaching, Basketballs and Basketball nets to 25 Schools of different levels across the northern end of the County. This was a huge success culminating in a large and well attended Tournament for the Schools.

Due to the Club obtaining this amount of money, Anglia Television attended a training session where their Sports reporter - Stuart Jarrold - joined in with the players. This was put out on prime time television and gave the North Herts Knights Basketball Club fantastic coverage.

The Club has gone on from strength to strength, this is proven by way of the Knights becoming one of the biggest Clubs in the County. They have numerous Coaches, Referee's and Table Officials and look to provide coaching to anyone who either enjoys the great game or who would like to start.

The proof of this is clearly identified by the Knights moving players onwards and upwards into the Hemel Storm National League Team set up in Hemel Hempstead, this will continue long into the future and hopefully keep the game of Basketball going where it belongs.